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Bob & Bridget I hope you'll indulge me while I show off my family that I'm very proud of. Over there on the left, is a picture of my husband Bob and myself, taken in Nashville at the General Jackson Showboat.
Chuck's 43rd birthday Chuck in Railroad Car Motel
My son Chuck lives in Texas and had a career in the Air Force and now working for the government.  Here he is with his dog Max on his birhtday.
Lisa in TX 2009 Lisa in her garden
My daughter Lisa who got her Master's Degree in Family and Marriage Counseling and teaches at Johnson Bible College as well as working in a group home.  She's also a crack shot when keeping destructive groundhogs out of her garden.
Kristen Kristen Graduation picture
My granddaughter Kristen who attends community college and works part-time.  She's interested in ceramics.
Bree driving Bree & Grandma Seagrove
My granddaughter Bree who is in high school.  When she visited us this summer Grandpa Bob took her out for driving lessons and we went to Seagrove to see all the potteries.  Bree and I are sitting on a concrete pig bench which you cannot see in this photo.
Nathan Rusty & Patches
My grandson Nathan who attends community college and works part-time.  He's always been interested in computers. Let's not forget our cats Rusty and Patches. We got Rusty at an Animal Rescue and Patches was lost and wandered up to our neighbor's house looking for food. They had cats already and asked if we might be interested in giving her a home. It was love at first sight. Their favorite toy is an empty box as you can see in the picture.

Now that I've shown off my family, it's about time we got down to talking about some important things like Rubber Stamping!
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